Handwriting Leather Engraved Bracelet

Handwriting Leather Engraved Bracelet


Personalized bracelet made of Genuine leather, stained saddle brown (can vary in depth of color) with snap closure. We clean up the image you submit and prepare it for engraving using a specialized technique that produces the finest engrave possible.

Dimensions: Width: ½"


  • Small- 7 ½" (fits 6-6 ½" wrist)

  • Medium- 8 ½" (fits 7-7 ½" wrist)

  • Large- 9 ½" (fits 8-8 ½" wrist)


Send a copy of the picture with the handwriting/image you would like engraved to hello@sweetlywritten.com. Attach a copy of the image to the message. We may reach out to you if we have any questions on the image you submit.

IMPORTANT TIP: When sending us your image, please indicate specifically what you would (and would not) like engraved. When taking a picture to submit, please be sure the image is not skewed or taken at an odd angle or it will appear warped when engraved. Dark writing with a white background works best. Try to avoid red backgrounds and light pencil.

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