Wood Vertical Handwriting Necklace

Wood Vertical Handwriting Necklace

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Your handwriting, engraved on our premium dark walnut wood. We clean up the image you submit and prepare it for engraving using a specialized technique that produces the finest engrave possible.

Dimensions: 1 ¼” x ¼” dark walnut wood horizontal pendant

Chain Options: 18” premium hypo-allergenic Stainless Steel or 16K Gold-plated chain (Click ‘Add to Cart’ to make chain selection)


Send us a copy of the picture with the handwriting you would like engraved, by using the 'Message Seller'/'Send a message'/'Contact' on this page or on our Shop page. Attach a copy of the image to the message. We may reach out to you if we have any questions on the image you submit.

IMPORTANT TIP: When sending us your image, please indicate specifically what you would (and would not) like engraved. When taking a picture to submit, please be sure the image is not skewed or taken at an odd angle or it will appear warped when engraved. Dark writing with a white background works best. Try to avoid red backgrounds and light pencil.

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